System Design: Leadership Architecture and Great OR Performance

  • May 13, 2020


Within the operating rooms at one partner site, teams functioned and flowed effectively inside the operating room. Yet, the environment outside of the operating theaters suffered from a sense of chaos. Staff reported conflicting understandings of lines of responsibility, confusion as to business operations, and questions about system processes supporting their work.


Through a series of staff interviews and design sprint workshops– a hallmark of our work – we helped the executive leadership team develop a new organizational architecture, informed by staff insights, to absorb business decisions and to initiate the operational cadence to become world-class.


As partners, Arena Labs helped a reorganization of key roles, new hires of leaders to run and oversee missing components of the organization. The plan featured a broader emphasis on culture and increased clarity on organizational design and leadership architecture. Ultimately, this set the stage to minimized key barriers to performance for teams in the Operating Room to allow this group of passionate individuals to focus on patient care and safety.