The following  positions are deliberately succinct and the titles are a basic starting point.  We are open-minded about background, qualifications, and approach. In some cases, a part time commitment may even suffice. In the end, we are after people who have a track-record of excellence and a passion that will allow these roles to become massively impactful additions to our team. If any of these interest you, read on to learn more about our ethos, operating principles, team, and the work we do. And, after reading through all of this, if you’re still really interested, reach out!



1. A bias toward creation. We are a startup and growing fast. Our team needs people who are eager to create and bring ideas to life, who do not require excessive direction.

2. Comfort moving fast, with minimal structure. We keep our model and approach evolving with every engagement. What we learn informs new approaches and style. We are looking for people who enjoy rapid change in an evolving structure.

3. Extreme initiative. You will be the first person to do much of the work you are doing for us. Thus, bold initiative is a core skill we seek and legacy playbooks do not exist.

4. A passion for learning. We will give you time to learn the culture of medicine but we expect that you are constantly going deeper, both in your knowledge of the places we work and more importantly, how we can improve the work we do. 

5. An ability to observe in an operating room which involves exposure to human beings under anesthetic, undergoing live surgical procedures. And then, provide direct + unvarnished feedback to staff at all levels about what you observe.


An unparalleled mission doing some of the most unique work in healthcare. The medical professionals you meet will share a love of doing hard things, wanting to make an impact in the world, and caring deeply about their craft. You will join a world-class  team and learn from a collection of people who have been successful as athletes, pilots, musicians, creative performers, special operators, business leaders, and scientists.