Work that begins by embedding in your operating room

Partnerships Designed to Embolden Teams

Our Practice delivers customized High Performance Medicine® Programs for our partners. Rather than observing from afar, we begin with a Discovery Phase that embeds our experts into the operating room and clinical environments to gain an unparalleled understanding of performance, culture, and teams. This informs the design and implementation of a Medical Performance Program, enabled by our proprietary Coaching + Advisory Services.

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Our Services

Discovery Phase

Donning scrubs, we embed a team on-the-ground, in your operating and clinical environments to work alongside frontline staff for an unparalleled understanding of the state of your culture + teams.

Customized High Performance Medicine® Programs

Following Discovery Phase, we present a comprehensive overview of findings and recommendations rooted in the First Principles of High Performance™. We further identify a phased plan for evolution toward performance-driven outcomes including tools, frameworks, training programs, and technology.

Advanced Performance Tools

As we get beyond First Principles of High Performance™, our Services leverage state-of-the-art technology for data-driven insights about stress and recovery in teams.

High Performance Medicine® Advisory Services

As we move beyond Discovery and initial implementation, our goal is always to move to a supporting and advisory role to allow emerging leaders to continue this critical work. This ongoing collaboration focuses on coaching, executive offsites, and remote data collection at the frontline staff level.

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