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Performance Under Stress

Fighter pilots. Performers. Olympians. Navy SEALs. All of these crafts are provided with tools and training to manage stress and perform under pressure. At Arena Labs, our unique technology solutions + data-driven insights bring this same thinking to frontline medical teams to prevent burnout and drive evolution in team performance.

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How can technology enable the human beings providing healthcare care during a stressful medical event?

Strategically leveraging technology + data within the human system


Revolutionizing the way medical teams train, this immersive platform uses photogrammetry and state-of-the-art capture technology to create hyper-realistic, interactive visual environments that train performance skills like decision time and 360-degree awareness.

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High-risk procedures in medicine can create massive pressure + stress. ArenaXR brings unique simulation to the frontline.



Arena Labs partners with WHOOP to provide an intuitive wearable sensor that can be worn in all clinical environments to measure stress, recovery, and sleep. By combining WHOOP’s cutting edge sensor technology with workshops to teach Stress Inoculation, ArenaStrive is a product and service bringing the tools of performance and actionable data to frontline teams.

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An aspirational Approach

What would it look like if we brought to bear all the talent and all the expertise on human performance and focused it on people who are saving lives?

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