Arena Strive Privacy Principles 

Thank you for choosing to join the Arena Strive program! We are thrilled to have the opportunity to support you on your performance journey towards mastery.

While we are humbled by the trust you have put in us to be your teammate and coach, you still have the right to control your own data and can choose to have your information deleted at any point. The below are how we plan to deploy this sacred information:

Arena aims to be your trusted teammate and coach.

  • We hold your data, help you understand how to use it to be better, but only share the parts of it externally that will make your work environment and your teammates better. No names. No specifics. Period. 
  • Additionally, we at Arena Labs will only access your personal information when required to provide services or support.
  • Lastly, we do not monetize your personal information for any purpose. Our priority is establishing ourselves as a safe haven for your information so you can learn from it and grow. 

To be better, you need data. 

  • In short, at Arena, we believe strongly that your individual data is a critical component of better understanding yourself, your stress, your recovery, and ultimately, how to be a better clinician. And in the end, that’s the path to better patient care.

To be smarter, hospitals need data — but not yours individually!

  • Understanding when people are over-worked, under-rested, and being pushed too far is critical. Hospitals don’t have this data. At Arena, we provide it…without names or personally identifying information. We want your hospital to be smarter so they can take better care of clinicians, but we don’t provide them with your information.

As we continue to grow, our full privacy policy is still under development. Given our partnerships, please reference Whoop’s privacy policy to understand further how your data will be protected.

Thank you for entering the Arena,

The Tribe