The practice

In our Practice, we embed teams of experts from a wide range of disciplines in the operating room, alongside surgical teams. By putting on scrubs and getting as close as possible to modern medicine, our team of Performance Ambassadors from the creative arts, spots, and elite military are able to better understand how to tailor solutions for the teams and hospitals we serve. We observe hundreds of surgeries every year, and interact with thousands of frontline staff, to build solutions tailored to the people, challenges, and culture of each of our clients.

Arena Tech

We combine the knowledge of our Practice with the deep multidisciplinary experience of our team to build a suite of software, hardware, and systems solutions to give surgical teams a distinct performance edge. Our passion is in using technology as an amplifier of the human being, not a solution for performance. While we value the deep possibilities of modern technology, ArenaTech is always rooted in products that focus on pushing the boundaries of training, performance, or understanding of the individual clinician.

Teams of Tomorrow

Robots and artificial intelligence are adding extraordinary capability to modern medicine. From minimally invasive to non-invasive procedures, these technologies are already leading the rise of hybrid surgical teams that include both humans and robotic elements. Our Teams of Tomorrow work focuses in understanding how institutions and teams train, develop, and operate in an age of robotics, AI, and new emerging technologies. We base our expertise in learnings from other fields such as the military that saw autonomous technology lead to new means of training, decision making, and assessing risk.

Our approach is not for everyone. Let’s explore if it might be a fit.