The practice

Our work in High Performance Medicine™ is built on the bedrock of our Practice. This model relies on our ability not to observe but rather, join the performances of the medical teams we collaborate with. Whether over several days or several months, the knowledge we gather here, in operating rooms around the globe, informs everything we do in performance medicine and in building Health Care Performance Programs.

Arena Tech

While we ground our approach in a model that honors proven frameworks of human-centric performance, our aim is always to blend what we learn in the Practice with modern technology to create unique technological tools for advanced training and understanding in the Arenas where we focus. From immersive technology used in Arena Tech to stress monitors, we use technology as an amplifier, not a solution, for cutting-edge learning.

Teams of Tomorrow

By blending the expertise of our team and the broader network of Performance Ambassadors who comprise the Arena Labs community, we build tailored solutions for teams and organizations focusing on the future. Whether marquis 1-on-1 performance coaching for surgeons or helping teams think about the integration of robotics into a world-class culture, our aim is to assist our partners in balancing legacy and progress.

Our approach is not for everyone. Let’s explore if it might be a fit.